The TRAKTOR is a renovated wine tasting cellar located in a small wine village Perná that spreads on the foothills of Palava Highlands and a spitting distance from a "fairy tale" castle ruin Sirotčí Hrádek (Orphan Castle).

The front and younger (entry) part of the wine cellar dates back to 1839 however, the first written records found in the village history book go as far back as to 16th century.

The cellar though originally used for winemaking was reconstructed as a wine show room used for different wine tastings, wine presentations and wine events in general with focus on local wines, wineries and wine culture.

The TRAKTOR is almost 40 metres in length with up to 150m2 and can easily accommodate up to 40 tasters and in addition houses a small separated wine archive with rare and special wines.

The dominant cellar feature is a massive oak tasting table where tasters are standing while tasting as common when tasting and assessing wine! The cellar itself is some 7 metres under the ground for better wine insulation and features year-round temperature of 11°C and relatively high humidity. Thus we recommend tasters are properly dressed.

The cellar is within walking distance from several iconic vineyards and vine sites (Železná, Goldhamer, Kotelná etc.) and approximately 7-minute car drive from Mikulov.

The TRAKTOR reconstruction designer is ARCHZONE architects Ltd., the author and tasting table designer is Mr Jakub Lipavsky, table realized by RAP Interier Mikulov.



Petr Očenášek
+ 420 776 438 451


For reservations tasting groups or parties please contact us:
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