The Perná village spreads in one of the Palava valleys on the foothills of Palava and most of the municipality lies in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve territory. Rich archaeological findings proof human settlement already in Paleolithic period. With the permanent military presence of Roman Legion and their encampment in the nearby Mušov vitis vinifera was brought to the region. However, the current archaeological findings suggest that vitis was grown in the area even before the arrival of Romans mostly on the sun exposed Palava slopes. It is very likely though that Romans introduced new varieties, Viticultural practices and thus improved the overall quality and made wine of the area landmarks.

The first historical and written report of Perná dates back to 1305. Later in 1323 when under the rule of Mikulov nobles the village is mentioned as Pergen – a German word derived from “berg” – hill, sure a reference to the settlement hilly surroundings.

From its humble beginning Perná is closely connected with viticulture and winemaking. It boasts many old and historical wine cellars as well as outstanding vine sites. During the reign of Liechtenstein family in 1400s Perna vine sites were priced and valued twice more than any other local vine municipality vineyards.

In 1946 a research wine station with growing and breading research programs was established here and since then many new vine clones and cultivars were originated here the most popular being Palava, a variety that holds the name of the highland in honour of its beginning.



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